84'-92' | Cars

Following two years of extensive activity that included many exhibitions, the Radius Gallery was closed due to the bank requiring the space. Griffit continued to teach at Hamidrasha Art School in Ramat Hasharon and staged a solo exhibition at the Herzliya Museum curated by the museum’s director the late Yoav Dagon, who recognized the importance of the movement. Griffit received much praise from the public and his paintings enjoyed commercial success. He worked with assistants on intricate drawings of hyper-realist cars. In the catalog of his car paintings, Ran Shchori wrote, “The world of his paintings exists in its own right, due to the fictitiousness of his reality and the reality of his fictitiousness. He walks in the narrow realm between sentimentality and cold intellect, between perfect technical control and deliberate randomness, between sensitive subtlety and blatant vulgarity.” Griffit wrote at the time about his approach to nostalgia: “It’s like scribbling on a wall and erasing it, but the stain remains. I want to present seriousness that the irony is already embedded within it...I do not miss the longings of others. But Tel Aviv remains like the stain on the wall, and maybe love too.”


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