Joshua Griffit

Contemporary Israeli Artist

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The Griffit Timeline

Always changing in the quest for original voice and never following

the current streams of acceptable contemporary fashions.

A pioneer in realism when the real & figurative were overshadowed

in Israeli contemporary for persuit after the conceptual and minimal in painting.

Griffit curated the first group show of Contemporary Realism "Realism" in Israel (1981)

and was apart of "Radius" (1982-1984), the biggest cooperative gallery in Tel Aviv.

For his constant distinction and contrast to "Arte Povera"

Adam Baruch coined the phrase: "Joshua Griffit: a majority of one in Israeli art".

[​Joshua Griffit: Behind All This, No Great Happiness Hides, 1999]

Today, Griffit is being rediscovered by new generation of artists and galleries,

while he continues to create new works daily, posting his paintings on social media.

Recent Exhibitions:

Open studio 2022 Two weekends only: 21-22.10.22 | 28-29.10.22

Radius (7.7-19.8.22) | Hamekarer Gallery, TLV

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